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A trade fair is a special event. Especially if it takes place in a different country. How can you avoid paying import duties and taxes on shipments which will leave the country again after the fair? How can you make import declarations in the name of someone who will only be in the country for three or four days? How can you ensure that everything your need for your stand arrives at the appropriate destination in time? Questions to which Impeco has a ready answer.

No Worries

During a trade fair you want to be able to focus on your visitors and potential customers. That is where you make your profit. The related logistics (your stand, all the materials) only distract from that objective. We would be happy to relieve you of all the logistic worries related to your participation in trade fairs. We will take care of the entire shipment, from your company doorstep to delivery at the trade fair, anywhere in the world.
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We arrange the transport, customs clearance both in the Netherlands and any destination country worldwide, and organise on-site loading and unloading on the exhibition floor, including storage of the empty packaging. In short, a wide range of specialised logistic operations in which we have acquired a wealth of specific experience and expertise. Impeco: your partner in logistics.