Many large (sporting) events travel the world over - literally. Such as the MotoGP, the Olympic Games or the UEFA Champions League. And in the wake of the sportsmen and women, organisers and officials, vast amounts of equipment also have to be transported. Over the years, Impeco has become highly specialised in the complex logistics surrounding international (sporting) events.

Project based

No event is the same; different factors play a role in different countries, which means that every situation needs a special approach. The starting point in every case, however, is thorough preparation and execution. Everyday practice subsequently calls for flexibility, decisiveness and a solution-oriented approach. Our motto: the show must go on!

No Worries

We offer total solutions for the transportation of all equipment, parts and supplies. By land, sea and air. While we organise and coordinate operations from the Netherlands, our worldwide network of specialised agents enables us to rapidly respond to any unexpected situations and unforeseen developments.

We set ourselves the sporting challenge of finding a fitting solution in every situation, regardless of delivery time, size and budget. And we train very hard every day to achieve that goal!


We arrange the transport, take care of customs clearance both in the Netherlands and any destination country worldwide, and organise on-site loading and unloading. In short, a wide range of specialised logistic operations in which we have acquired a wealth of professional experience and expertise. Impeco your partner in logistics.